Configuring distributed systems

This is a stub for a page to discuss how to actually get couchdb running in a distributed fashion.

Distributed CouchDB implementations:

(couch-dev post from Jan Lehnardt - July 2008)

At the moment, CouchDB runs best on a single machine
with multiple machines for a cluster using replication to
synchronise data. Erlang allows a VM to run on multiple
machines and we do not yet take advantage of that fact.
This is an area that is worth investigating.

The road map is at

... scaling parts are Future Feature work.
A couple of people have voiced interest in contributing there
especially the database partitioning, but nothing has come
out of that yet.

Editorial Notes

Excerpts from the Architectural Document, [WWW] :

Using just the basic replication model, many traditionally single server database applications can be made distributed with almost no extra work.

Distributed defined

Here's what some people might assume we mean by distributed data store:

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