March 27th: ApacheCon EU, Amsterdam, Netherlands

J. Chris Anderson and Jan Lehnardt introduce CouchDB and talk about deploying CouchDB to the edge.


Deploying CouchDB to the Edge:

March 27th: Scotland on Rails, Edinburgh, Scotland

Alexander Lang compares all available CouchDB Ruby Libraries.

March 20th:, London, UK

J. Chris Anderson and Jan Lehnardt give an intro to CouchDB to the crew

March 5th: Hadoop Get Together Berlin, Germany

Jan Lehnardt presents CouchDB in 20 minutes


November 13th: Sapo Codebits, Lisbon, Portugal

Jan Lehnardt presents CouchDB

September 16th: Arc90, New York City

J. Chris Anderson presents CouchDB intro, standalone applications, and internals to developers in NYC. The same talk was also given at Columbia University the next day.

August 27th: BBC, London, UK

Jan Lehnardt presents CouchDB to BBC web developers.

August 17th: BARcamp Chicago, USA

Scott Beatty presents an introduction to CouchDB, for developers.

June 27th: Erlang eXchange, London, UK

Jan Lehnardt presents CouchDB to the Erlang community.

May 8th: XTech, Dublin, Ireland

Jan Lehnardt shows CouchDB from 10.000 feet.

March 17th: Racklabs Tech Talk, Blacksburg, VA, USA

Jan Lehnardt explains CouchDB from cover to cover.

March 6th: O'Reilly ETech, San Diego, CA, USA

Damien Katz & Jan Lehnardt give a high-level overview about CouchDB.

March 1st:LinuxTage, Chemnitz, Germany

Jan Lehnardt shows off what makes CouchDB so cool. This one is in German.

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