Release procedure

Making a Release


  1. Update the README file with important information.

  2. Update the NEWS and CHANGES files with important information.

  3. Update the acinclude.m4 file with version information.

Preparing the Release


svn cp $repos/trunk $repos/branches/Y.Y.x -m 'branching Y.Y.x'
svn cp $repos/branches/Y.Y.x $repos/tags/Y.Y.Y -m 'tagging Y.Y.Y'
svn export $repos/tags/Y.Y.Y export

You must then use the export directory to prepare the release.

To build the source for distribution you should then run the following command:

./bootstrap && ./configure && make distsign

If everything was successful you should see the following files sitting in the export directory ready for distribution:

Upload these to your public_html directory on and make sure they are world readable.

Calling a Vote

Call a vote on the [WWW] couchdb-dev mailing list:

Update these links to most recent vote after it has been archived.

Making the Release

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