Have you built CouchDB from the Subversion repository?

Did you do a svn up that seemed to break everything?

After every update you must run the following command:


If you still have problems building try the next troubleshooting tip.

First Run

Having problems getting CouchDB to run for the first time?

Follow this simple procedure and report back to mailing list (or IRC) with the output of each step.

  1. Note down the name of your operating system and your processor architecture.

  2. Note down the installed versions of CouchDB's dependancies.

  3. Follow the [WWW] checkout instructions to get a fresh copy of trunk.

  4. Bootstrap from the couchdb directory:

    • ./bootstrap

FreeBSD users: if you get "aclocal: not found" you need to install automake.

  1. Build into a temporary directory:

    • ./configure --prefix=/tmp/couchdb && make && make install

FreeBSD users: if you get "Syntax error: end of file unexpected" when you run make, you need to run gmake instead.

  1. Run the couchdb command and log the output:

    • /tmp/couchdb/bin/couchdb
  2. Use your system's kernel trace tool and log the output of the above command.

    1. Linux systems should use strace:

      • strace /tmp/couchdb/bin/couchdb 2> strace.out
    2. Please add documentation for your system...

  3. Report back to the mailing list (or IRC) with the output from each step.

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