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These pages will guide you through an example web application using the IMDB dataset. The aim is to show an example web application with an architecture based on Spring, which is close to what a real life example could look like.


[edit] IMDB Tutorial chapters

[edit] IMDB Application Overview

The focus is on modeling the domain to capture the IMDB data. The result is a web application that lets the user browse through the data, and also search actors and movies. It outputs information on the Kevin Bacon numbers of actors as well, using a simple shortest-path algorithm. It prints out one of the shortest paths from any actor to Kevin Bacon, jumping from actors to movies to actors - see the link above for a description. A simple search engine is also implemented, showing a minimal example of how you can roll customized search facilities optimized for a specific domain.

The application is built using the Spring Framework.

Basic knowledge about the Neo4j API is helpful when reading the articles.

[edit] How it looks

The result is an application that presents forms like this one to the user:

The search result will then look like this:

The bacon path presented is one of the ones with the least possible number of connections. Movie- and actornames are hyperlinked so the user can browse through the information.

[edit] Structure

These are the packages of the application:


[edit] Browser settings

The articles contain a lot of screenshots of UML diagrams and node spaces viewed in Neoclipse.

You may experience problem when using the zoom functionality of your browser, making the images appear blurry and ugly.

There are two possible solutions:

  1. Make sure that you zoom to integer factors like 200% and 300%. 150% also gives a decent rendering sometimes.
  2. Set your web browser to zoom only text, not images.
    • In Firefox 3: View -> Zoom -> Zoom Text Only

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