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This page covers how to install and run the IMDB application.


[edit] Prerequisites

No previous exposure to Maven?No problem at all, you'll just have to install it and follow the instructions. We already configured everything for you.

[edit] The fast track

Extra prerequisite: Subversion client.

To get started really quick, issue the following at the command prompt:

svn co imdb 
cd imdb 
mvn jetty:run

Feed your browser this location:


The application should now be up and running. To stop it, use mvn jetty:stop from the same location (imdb/target/checkout) or hit ctrl-c in the console where it was started.

[edit] Set up the project

Now, lets go through things more in detail if you like to. Or just go on to IMDB The Domain.

  • This tutorial covers version 1.0 of the IMDB application.
  • Download it from the repository :
  • You need a file named imdb-{version info}-src.tar.gz or imdb-{version info}
  • Unpack the file, cd into the directory.
  • Make sure everything compiles:
$ mvn
[INFO] Scanning for projects...
... <lots and lots of download spam> ...

[edit] Run the application

  • mvn jetty:run
  • browse to http://localhost:8080/imdb/setup.html
  • run the data injection from the page - only inject the data once!
  • the port number is set in pom.xml, if you want to change it
  • mvn jetty:stop is used to stop the service or hit ctrl-c in the console where it was started

If you are using the Eclispe IDE m2eclipse plug-in, the run configuration for the first Maven goal would look like this:


[edit] Suggested development environment

We found these tools to be useful for developing this application.

As for OS, we have tested the application under Ubuntu, Windows Vista (doable, but not recommended!) and some other systems.

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