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Neo4j can be accessed using Ruby code in two ways, directly to the Java API through JRuby, or via the REST API using any Ruby VM.


[edit] Native API

There are several ways to access the Java API from Ruby, using the JRuby-Java bindings, with Ruby wrappers to make life easier. The most popular of these is the neo4j.rb gem, and there is a complete guide for that in Getting Started With Ruby. Below we have a more complete list many known alternatives.

[edit] Neo4j.rb

Neo4j.rb is a graph database framework for JRuby built on top of the Neo4j Java library. It supports creating RESTful APIs, see the GitHub page.

[edit] neo4jr-simple

A simple, ready to go JRuby wrapper for the Neo4j graph database engine.

[edit] neo4jr_gen

neo4jr_gen is a Rails plugin that provides generators for creating neo4jr based resource scaffolds.

[edit] neo4j-rails

This is an experimental library for playing with an ActiveModel-charged version of the Neo4j Ruby library. The intent is to use it as a full replacement for ActiveRecord inside a Rails 3 application.

[edit] REST API

Since the release of the REST API, and the subsequent release of the Neo4j Server, it has also become possible to use Ruby to access Neo4j through REST. This also means that you can use normal C-Ruby for Neo4j. There are two main possibilities, raw REST clients like RestClient, and neo4j-specific REST clients like Neography. Read more about these on Using the Neo4j Server with Ruby.

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