2007/5/31 と 2007/6/1 に行われた実働環境での実行成果

We had a very successful production event using Red 5.

Here's the server config:

Xubuntu Linux
AMD 64 3500+ processor
4 GB RAM (memory hole not plugged - so only about 3 GB free RAM)
Red 5 trunk ver 2082
Gbit Internet connection

Client side:

Random public users.

Publishing side:

One publishing point using the Flash player as encoder.

Event Stats:

Two day event. 6 hours each day. Video 320x240, 80-85% quality, 18 fps, 22khz audio. Secondary space for still graphics - changed them periodically.

Average number of users on line: 100
Peak number of concurrent users: 120
Bandwidth per user: 400kbps - 1 Mbps
Feedback from users: Excellent quality, no problems.
Total users visiting the webcast: approx 1,000


We experienced no problems or notable events on the Red 5 server. Excellent performance.