FLV Recorder ツール

FLVRecorder は、RTMP を介して FLV ファイルをリクエストし、ファイルをローカルに録画する RTMPClient の例です。


ant build - will compile the FLVRecorder application.
ant start - will start the recording process after entering in the arguments. 


- p - the port number to connect with.
- h - the hostname to connect with.
- a - the server application name.
- f - the file to request and stream.
- o - the output filename.
- d - the directory to save the streams to.
- t - the duration to playback and record the stream (defaults to -2 which is no duration limit).
- s - the start time in seconds (default is 0)
- e - the object encoding (0 or 3, defaults to 0)
- swfurl - the name of the intended calling swf page
- pageurl - the name of the intended calling page

次に示すのは、Java で直接ツールを実行する例です。

java org.red5.server.recorder.FLVRecorder -p 1935 -h localhost -a oflaDemo -f videofile.flv -o videofile.flv -d streams -e 0 --swfurl something.swf --pageurl something.html