W3CLogging Library and Example

loggingTest is a demo Red5 application (Red5Plugin project) to demonstrate server streaming logging into W3C log files and possibly socket and databases in the future.

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The server logging is enabled by making the application adaptor extend org.red5.server.adapter.StatisticsApplicationAdaptor and then adding a log instance as a bean reference in the web.xml file.

The system works by using the scope name to determine which logger to use and will log to a directory of the same name as the scope name. The log files will append and rollover using a date filename pattern string.

The loggers can be preloaded on application startup if required also.


Application adaptor must extend org.red5.server.adapter.StatisticsApplicationAdaptor which produces the log events for each stream event like so

import org.red5.server.adapter.StatisticsApplicationAdaptor;

public class Application extends StatisticsApplicationAdaptor {


The logger bean must be configured in red5-web.xml with a reference name streamStatisticsLog (cannot get it to reference the ILogger interface as yet.) like so

<bean id="streamStatisticsLog" 
		<property name="logPath" value="${log.logPath}"/>
		<property name="immediateFlush" value="${log.immediateFlush}"/>
		<property name="bufferedIo" value="${log.bufferedIo}"/>
		<property name="bufferSize" value="${log.bufferSize}"/>
		<property name="events" value="${}"/>
		<property name="categories" value="${log.categories}"/>

Configuration Options

- logPath - The setting to the logPath with string formatting for the scope name log/loggingTest/%s/ where %s is the scope name.
- immediateFlush - Flush the logger immediately or buffer it. 
- bufferedIo - Buffer the logger, logs will buffer if set. (logs will be lost in buffer if server reboots, maybe need a shutdown method ?)
- bufferSize - The ammount to buffer before flushing the logs to the log file. 
- events - Filter to these events only. Available events are connect,disconnect,server-start,server-stop,app-start,app-stop,\
- categories - Filter to these categories only. Available categories are session,stream,server,application.